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Measurements are finished! December 2, 2010

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We are happy to inform that all the measurements for the experiments are just finished last week! In total we recorded 59 participants for the experiment 1 (focusing on company names and overall reputation) and 40 subjects for the experiment 2 (focusing on news concerning the companies).

It was a about four months long job to run the recordings, which were mainly carried out by Alessio Falco at CKIR lab. Our aim was to recruit business students in order to ensure they would be familiar with most of the publicly listed companies.

“Collecting participants during the summer was challenging! However, the recruitment process got easier once we decided to expand the recruiting to several universities instead of only one” says Alessio.

Once at the lab, all the participants showed curiosity and willingness to cooperate. Many of them were also interested on the project and its goals and hypothesis – and also on getting their own EEG on paper, which we unfortunately didn’t deliver. Nevertheless, the length and repetitiveness of the two experiments occasionally caused a loss of interest. To prevent this from altering the results, the order of all news and all companies was randomized throughout the experiments.

“According to the comments straight after the experiment a favorite piece of news seemed to be a story about a ferry company selling overfermented wine.” Alessio remarks, waiting to see the actual measurements on that.

Some of the 20 companies used in the experiments might have to be removed from the final results if they were not known widely enough within the participants. We can assume that the ratings regarding these companies are not reliable.

The next – potentially even bigger – task is to analyze the results. We have about 2 000 lines of data on each subject, so it will take some time and some serious calculating. The EEG data have to be combined with other psychophysiological measures and ratings. By now, we have taken a look at some preliminary test results already, but the final analysis will be finished around February 2011.



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